Pokemon League and Tournaments!
League is at Noon, and the weekly $5 tournament is at 2:30pm - Every Saturday!
Pokemon League is a free weekly event put on by the Pokemon Company. At League, you can free-play, deck build, play the video game - just enjoy pokemon! Participation in at least one League-play time per month gets you a free Pokemon Promo card(s)! The weekly tournaments are Standard Constucted with a $5 entry fee (everyone gets a pack for playing).
 Friday Night Magic!
 Every Friday night at 6pm! $5 Standard tournament!
Friday Night Magic (FNM) is a weekly $5 dollar tournament. It's Standard format, so every card from Ixalan through War of the Spark is Standard legal (unless banned). Prizes include special monthly promos and packs/store credit. Everyone gets a pack just for playing! So come join the fun!
Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament
Every Sunday at 2:00 pm - Yu-Gi-Oh! Constructed Advanced
Join us every Sunday for our $5 YuGiOh tournament! You are guaranteed an OTS pack for playing. The tournament fee goes towards the prize pool at the end of the event.
MTG Core Set 2020 Standard Showdown
Starts July 16th!!!
Standard showdown is a tournament that happens weekly every Tuesday. Come play for your chance to earn a War of the Spark Standard Showdown pack! 
Be sure to check the calendar tab or our Facebook page for additional events!