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Conversion Nearly Complete!

Hey Folks,

We are finally rounding that last corner in the website conversion! I'm hoping within the next day or two, the domain will be switched over to THIS website! The recount of all the non-singles inventory is almost complete. Some categories you can browse now to get familiar with the new site are YGO Sealed Product, MTG Sealed Product, and Dice. My TCG players are already somewhat familiar, seeing as how the singles have been here for months already!

Please be patient with us while we focus first on getting everything counted, then as we back track to fix photos and category configuration. Things may shuffle a bit more before we're done!

Thanks so much for sticking with us!!



Payments and Data Migration

Hey Everyone,

My deepest apologies for not realizing sooner that checkout was disabled on this site - I have fixed that this morning. For now, you can choose pay-in-store or Paypal Express for checkout. To pay online with a credit card, I will need more time to figure out what service I want to use for that. I promise I will work on it between things.

As an update to the migration, there were some snags in moving over all the card singles. Some got missed, and then the data was lost. My employees are recounting certain sections of the inventory that we *think* were affected, but this will take time. Recounting all card games is on the table and has been intended for quite some time, but the pandemic has limited our ability to take on extra projects for the moment. If there's a card you think we should have, but is not in the inventory, please feel free to reach out to us to check for it. That's really the best I can offer at this point, I'm sorry.

For the other data migration, which includes all the other non-singles inventory (board games, games workshop, dice, etc), we will be starting that soon. Instead of moving over the inventory though, we will likely do a whole recount of that section of the inventory. This may end up in categories existing on both sites for limited periods of time, and then disappearing all together from the old site. While we do this, inventory will exist on both sites, and there will really be no way around it. We very much appreciate your patience while we strive to have the most accurate inventory possible.

And lastly, our bathroom rennovation is near completion. We now have two 100% functioning restrooms in our play-space that are only awaiting some neat fixtures and some fancy paint-work. Once we get through this crazy pandemic, we think you'll really like the big room's transformation! Check it out:


I hope you all are enjoying the tail end of your summer, and we hope to see you soon!


New Website - Again!

Hey Friends, 

Sorry to do this to you again, and so soon after my last website revamp! I truly love our last website, but it was just not very small-shop-trying-to-survive-the-pandemic friendly. This website here will be our new, and hopefully permanent website. It will eventually assume the domain from the old website, but until I get all my ducks in a row, we'll have to use both in tandem. I really appreciate your patience while I work very hard to get this all working!

If you have any trouble with this website, please reach out - it's new to us too!

Lastly, store credit will eventually move over, but for now - if you need store credit for your purchases on this side of the website, please call or message us! We can easily move it over. Everyone uses their store credit differently, so we can't move it all over until the rest of the inventory comes over. For now, this part of our site only has singles on it. Don't worry, you can still place orders between the sites. We will make it work!

I hope you are all being safe out there, and my very best wishes to each of you. I miss you!!